Laba-Laba Famili Araneidae pada Kawasan Cagar Alam Lembah Anai KabubatenTanah Datar, Sumaetra Barat

Fithria Diniyati, Dahelmi Dahelmi, Henny Herwina


An inventory of spiders araneidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Nature Reserve Lembah Anai, Tanah Datar , West Sumatra was conducted from March to December 2015 by using the sweeping, hand collection, beating and sieving methods. From a total of  37  individuals , we identified  to 9 species that belong to 6 genera.  Araneus has the top species number of species (3 species), while, Acusilas, Clycosa, Argiope, Gasteracantha, Larinia and Nephila were found only one species for each one.


Spiders; Anai Valley; Araneae

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