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We are tracking our visitors to let us know how well we do on disseminating JBioUA's published papers. It is running on a separate server, and logging visitors based on their IP addresses. We do not track personal data and never plan to do so. We do not tamper with the data just to make us happy either, these are real data.


The reason we are using our own server is that we used to lost records in Statcounter's. It suddenly dropped to zero visits within several months. However, due to common usage of Statcounter, we still put a link to our Stacounter's at the bottom of the page, after reinstalling the code.



 Visits Over Time

Visitors wishes to read detailed information on JBioUA's Visitor Metrics, such as Unique Visits, can use the graph on Visits Over Time and adjust accordingly as shown in the picture below. The analytics server will read visitors' IP addresses rather than sessionss which tends to be inappropriate for our purpose. Numbers of each metrics will be shown in vertical axis, whilst the horizontal axis will show days of the metrics recorded:

Visitor Metrics Options

Note: Data are recorded and refreshed every 24 hours period.

 Volume, Issue, and Article Statistics

 Visitor's Map

 Server's Detailed Access Statistics